Council for America My Country


To protect the CAMC's nonpartisan reputation, it is important that all CAMC members and the public understand the following:

  1. CAMC is nonpartisan, not bipartisan. Bipartisan means representing both parties. CAMC represents no political party.

  2. For an educational purpose or otherwise CAMC may take a position on governmental issues, on candidates for elective (public) office and on political parties and their agenda.

  3. Every CAMC member must take responsibility for clearly differentiating between personal opinions and CAMC positions.

All CAMC members are expected to keep their CAMC activity and their political activity completely separate and distinct. For example, members may not distribute CAMC materials at the same time as materials for a candidate or a political party. This applies to partisan and nonpartisan elections of any type.

Appointed directors and officers of CAMC do not engage in any partisan political activity during their terms of office.

Political Activities

Appointed directors and officers of CAMC must resign from the CAMC office in order to run for public office.

Appointed directors and officers may not hold office in a political party, excluding Committee person.

At the cessation of political activity, reinstatement shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee after one month has elapsed.

CAMC Positions

An appointed director/officer is not permitted to take a public stand against a CAMC position (local, state, or national).

Government positions, Commissions, Committees, Elected public offices

CAMC may encourage and assist CAMC members to secure appointments to such bodies.

Unless clearly designated, appointees are not official representatives of CAMC.


CAMC may join with other organizations to form coalitions if they advance the purpose and program of CAMC.

CAMC participation must be limited to issues agreed upon and must be withdrawn if the coalition decides to sponsor candidates.

All press releases, letters, and other materials circulated to the public must be approved by CAMC and/or its authorized representative(s).


Questions arising under this policy shall be resolved by the CAMC Executive Committee on an individual basis.

*The following members of the CAMC Executive Committee have voted for adoption the POLICY for POLITICAL ACTIVITY:

Jerry Boucher, Steve S Choi, Julia Han, Don Kim, Il Hwan Kim, Sang Joo Kim, Tae Shik Kwon, Jae Jin Ma, Willie Pai, Choon Ki Yoo, Ae Sook Yoon, Il Joong Yoon

Sang Joo Kim / signed
Date December 15, 2000