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October 12, 1999

[Editor's note:

The following is the text, as submitted by author, of the Q & A of Wendell W. Young, III, a Democratic candidate for Commissioner, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, responding to the CAMC's questions. sjk]


CAMC: Why are you running for the public office?
Young: For years my family and I have attempted to help make county government work for people through active participation in our local political process. Through our shared experiences, my desire to positively affect our community has become a priority in my life. I decided to run for Montgomery County Commissioner after spending the last decade watching our county government neglect real issues such as high infant mortality rates and widespread economic inefficiencies and inequities in County government. At the same time, our leadership has done little to protect our County by failing to adequately address the problem of suburban sprawl and the negative consequences it presents for our future.
CAMC: What will you bring about, if elected, to the office?
Young: For over 30 years I have served as an advocate for the needs of the under-represented. As Chief Executive Officer of the United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 1776 I have established a record of innovation in providing real solutions to real problems for those who have traditionally been ignored by our elected officials. I look forward to ending this inexcusable trend by ensuring that our County government addresses the diverse needs of all our communities.
CAMC: Why should this community support you?
Young: As I have stated, I decided to run for Montgomery County Commissioner out of concern for our future. I have established a long-history of dedicating my work for the benefit of others. I am not running for this office to further some other agenda or in anticipation of a higher political office. My desire to represent your community along with all of the others in Montgomery County results from a earnest desire to make our community a better place to live and work.
CAMC: Why should this community not support your opponent?
Young: Quite simply, the Republican Party leadership that has been running our County for decades has ignored the many issues affecting most of the men and women who live and work here. For example, Norristown has been left in despair while real estate developers who contribute heavily to Republican coffers have been permitted to over-develop our County's dwindling landscape. I am committed to bringing these and several other troubling trends to a halt by working with local municipal authorities to ensure the long-term vitality of all our communities. To the contrary, my opponents continue to act on behalf of a few special interests by announcing their intentions to carry on the same anti-plurality agenda of its past administrations.
CAMC: What commitment do you offer to this community for its support?
Young: I assure you that I will listen so as to understand the issues that affect your community and then act on them. Too often our problems are not addressed out of lack of communication and/or misunderstandings. If I am elected as a Montgomery County Commissioner I assure you that your representatives from your community will be heard and will be provided every possible opportunity to participate in the implementation of my agenda for our improving our County's future.


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