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"To Empower to Practise Good Citizenship"

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Jerry Boucher Director for Systems Management Tae Shik Kwon Deputy Director for Community Relations
Im Ja P. Choi Director for Community Relations Jae Jin Ma Treasurer
Don Kim Secretary (215) 542 - 1000 Young K. Park Counselor
Il Hwan Kim Director for Outreach Ae Sook Yoon Director for Ageing & Elder Care
Sang Joo Kim Chairman
October 18, 1999
Vice Chair / Montgomery County Republican Committee (MCRC)
Norristown, PA 19404

Public Debate for November 2nd Election
October 26, 1999 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Yuong Sang Presbyterian Church
706 Witmer Road, Horsham, PA 19044

Dear Del:

Thomas N. Ryan, Executive Director, MCRC, telephoned me on or about 5:00 PM this afternoon advising that all Republican candidates had decided not to come to the referenced debate and that only you and Robert B. "Bob" Asher, National Committeeman for Pennsylvania, Republican National Committee, will show up.

As you know we have diligently endeavoured to work with you, your committee, its leadership and the party candidates. In addition, we have been led to believe all along that your committee/ office would submit by this afternoon a confirmed list of candidates/debaters/participants. In this context, Tom's blunt and unprofessional message portends hallmarks of a deliberate corporate act of sabotaging the scheduled forum and a willful corporate act of attacking us. Moreover, the instant turn of the event seems strongly indicating an incontrovertible likelihood of the command or/and will/wish of the top brass of your committee. We feel harmed, we feel denigrated. And, we feel insulted and prejudiced in dignity and injured. What, then, is the remedy?

We are an immigrant ethnic community, part of the great American mosaic and diversity, aspiring to seek an opportunity to make a contribution and difference to this nation we call our country as we are beneficiaries of the blessings of the great heritage of this land and to uphold the great principles shaping America including those time-honoured Republican values.

Hence, we respectfully submit to you to determine whether such a deliberate corporate act of sabotaging our embryonic level of democracy-learning exercise be consistent with the Republican credos. Indeed, doesn't it appear that the act looks so un-American let alone un-Republican? Regretfully, it will be my duty to report this episode at the news conference tomorrow (19th) that has been set.


Sang Joo Kim / signed

C.: Lynne Allen, Renee Amoore, Robert B. "Bob" Asher, Im Ja P. Choi, Marcel L. Groen, Eileen Barbara Melvin, Jim Nicholson, Alan Paul Novak, Young K. Park, To Whom It May Concern


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