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October 12, 1999

[Editor's note: The following is the text, as submitted by author, of the Q & A of Joseph McCaffrey, a Democratic candidate for Controller, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, responding to the CAMC's questions. sjk]

CAMC: Why are you running for the public office?
McCaffrey: Two years ago I saw an article in the Inquirer saying that leases were being made to party contributors at two or three times fair market value. To me, that is most egregious. I am running for controller to stop the recurrence of anything like that again.

CAMC: What will you bring about, if elected, to the office?
McCaffrey: Initiate Performance Reviews of all of county government, become a watchdog of county government, full public disclosure of all county fiscal results, creation of an economic fraud unit and confidential controller hotline, proactive pursuit of intergovernmental cooperation with federal, state and county governments, establishment of a rainy day fund for contingencies.

CAMC: Why should this community support you?
McCaffrey: First and foremost, I am an independent Certified Public Accountant and I will bring that independence to the office of controller over any political affiliations.

CAMC: Why should this community not support your opponent?
McCaffrey: I will foster access to government for all citizens of Montgomery County. (Also, (1) see answers above and (2) I prefer to focus on what I will do rather than what my opponent has or has not done.)

CAMC: What commitment do you offer to this community for its support?
McCaffrey: Again, I will foster access to government for all citizens of Montgomery County. This includes working with the community to increase communications and mititigate any communication problems with providing county services. Addressing communications with all communities will be part of the prerformance review criterial in my performance reviews of county government.

Best regards and thank you for this opportunity to respond to your community.


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