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"To Empower to Practise Good Citizenship"

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Jerry Boucher Director for Systems Management Tae Shik Kwon Deputy Director for Community Relations
Im Ja P. Choi Director for Community Relations Jae Jin Ma Treasurer
Don Kim Secretary (215) 542 - 1000 Young K. Park Counselor
Il Hwan Kim Director for Outreach Ae Sook Yoon Director for Ageing & Elder Care
Sang Joo Kim Chairman

October 26, 1999

Public Debate* for November 2nd Election

October 26, 1999 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Yuong Sang Presbyterian Church

706 Witmer Road, Horsham, PA 19044 (215) 542 - 0288


Issues and Concerns of Our Community: What Can We Do for the Community?
What Can the Community Do for Us?
How to Enhance and Sustain Good Working Relationship?
Promoting Good Citizenship

Moderator:Sang Joo Kim
7: 30 PMWelcome
7: 35 PMConvocation:    Rev. Yong Kol Yi
7: 40 PMIntroduction of guests

Lynne B. Allen
Robert B. "Bob" Asher
Marcel. L. Groen
Antoinette R. Hughes
Dolores (Del) J. Rotelle
Thaddeus W. Smith, Jr
7: 45 PMIntroduction of designated panelists

Sullae Choe
Im Ja P. Choi    (timer)
Don Kim
Il Hwan Kim
Kil Y. Lee
Willie Pai
David H. Suh
Ae Sook Yoon
7: 50 PMRules governing the debate
7: 55 PMDebate begins.
9: 55 PMDebate adjourns.
10: 00 PMReception (All invited)


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