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November 3, 2000

Editor / The Times Herald via fax to 610-272-0660

"Korean-American group blasts GOP no-shows (The Times Herald, Tuesday October 31, 2000)

Dear Madam/Sir:

The referenced piece, authored by Margaret Gibbons, Times Herald Staff, has just been brought to my attention, and I find that the statements Frank R Bartle, chairman, montgomery county republican committee (MCRC), and Stewart J Greenleaf, republican candidate for U S House of Representatives District 13 Pennsylvania, were quoted as saying are false, untrue, and slanderous. Their comments are nothing but asinine excuses and reflect a Neanderthal logic at best.

It will be revealing to revisit what a faithful republican, who was "supported [by MCRC] for a row office position" and quite familiar with the episode last year, commented when all republican candidates declined the CAMC-sponsored debate: "I think it [republican party and its candidates] (emphasis added) is prejudiced against the Korean community that they are not coming to this [debate] ... they [republicans] are not letting us be part of the process ... I am a republican and ... ashamed". (Philadelphia Inquirer; "Rejection of debate portrayed as racism", October 20, 1999)
The remarks couldn't have been made better. Indeed they were prophetic and fulfilled again this year.

For the record, I am not an active Democrat, not seeking headlines, and not making Democratic party look good. However, I agree on one thing with Bartle. As he said, "[t]his whole thing is a lot of nonsense". Since he failed to mention what "[t]his whole thing" is all about and why this whole thing is a lot of "nonsense", I'll take the burden to say what they are: The Bartle's demonstrated behaviour and conduct and those of the republican candidates who dodged the debate last year and this year towards an ethnic minority immigrant community, i.e., the Korean-American community, are so appalling to the extent that they almost run counter to the great American heritage and the time-honoured Republican values. That is, ergo, what is nonsense.

In addition, his willfully slanted remark, "because of the Democratic bent of the organization", is so patently false and ill-intended that it could not be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that "the two GOP members" whom he was referring to did not resign. Their appointments as officers were rescinded because their convincingly apparent party-line posture created a serious conflicts of interest with the tenet of nonpartisan stance of the organization. They engaged in a grossly partisan activities, i.e., a public endorsement of a particular candidate of the republican party.

Council for America My Country (CAMC) is not an instrument of any party let alone the republican.

As for Greenleaf, I wrote him asking him to reconsider and come to the debate. Greenleaf ought to know better that no candidate will debate with a surrogate. If he failed to know about this level of an elementary dictum, it's too bad. Plus, his ejaculation that "his [Greenleaf's] campaign staff had frequent phone conversations with Kim" is an absolute lie and a fabricated invention. There was no phone conversation whatsoever between his team and mine.

We are of the view that those who are running for public offices should be held accountable for what they say to people and that people need to know those politicians' stated positions on issues and concerns of the community. Bartle and his republican candidates poltroonishly ducked the debate which was proceeded in a plain level of American English. Amusingly, we heard no republican candidates refused to attend fundraisers that were organised by ethnic minority groups while avoiding debate organised by an ethnic minority group.

Bartle submitted to me his answers* in writing to my queries, dated September 20, 2000, in which he harangued four-points grandiloquent rhetoric including on what his party's stance and policy were towards developing a working relationship with minority groups. * Please refer to CAMC website, Sadly, we note a huge gulf of irreconcilable disparity and incongruity between his embellished words and his actual behaviour and conduct.

We are beneficiaries of this great land of opportunity, which we call America My Country. We want to contribute to the great legacy of American tradition. Why do Frank R Bartle and other republican candidates slant us and slander us?


Sang Joo Kim / signed

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