CAMC Public Debate for Election 2000
"To Empower to Practise Good Citizenship"

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Jerry Boucher
Im Ja P. Choi
Steve S. Choi
Mary Etezady
Don Kim
Il Hwan Kim
Sang Joo Kim
Director for Systems Management
Director for Community Relations
Deputy Director for Voter Registration
Director for Outreach
Tae Shik Kwon
Jae Jin Ma
Willie Pai
Choon Ki Yoo
Ae Sook Yoon
Il Joong Yoon
Director for Community Relations
Deputy Secretary
Deputy Director for Outreach
Director for Ageing & Elder Care
Director for Voter Registration

Invitation to Collaborate

CAMC Sponsors Candidates' Public Debate for General Election, 2000

October 27, 2000 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Yuong Sang Presbyterian Church Mission Center*
706 Witmer Road, Horsham, PA 19044 (215) 542 - 0288

Agenda: Concerns and Issues of Our Community

Dear Friend:

We would like to invite you to work with us by proactively participating in the headlined event.
  1. [ ] Yes, I'll be there.
  2. [ ] Yes, I'll participate as a questioner:
    [ ] I am a registered voter:
    [ ] Democrat [ ] Republican
    [ ] Independent [ ] Others__________________
    [ ] a committeeman
    [ ] I am a non-registered citizen.
    [ ] I want to become a U. S. citizen.
  3. [ ] Yes, I'll participate as a volunteer. Please tell me more about it.
  4. [ ] Yes, I'll participate as a general audience.
  5. [ ] Yes, my organisation will participate as a collaborator. Please tell me more about it.
  6. [ ] Yes, I wish to disclose in advance a potential conflict of interest in working with CAMC. Please let me have an opportunity to declare it/them:
  7. [ ] Yes, I've made a pledge to support a particular party: Name _________________________
  8. [ ] Yes, I've made political contribution(s): [ ] cash [ ] check [ ] in-kind [ ] campaign team [ ] friend(s) of ________________ [ ] volunteer
  9. [ ] Yes, I'll share this opportunity with my friends.

VOTE on November 7, 2000!

Register to Vote! Vote to Voice! Voice and Empower!

Public Education Builds a Stronger Community.

The Korean-American Community (KAC) is an Integral Part of America.

CAMC is a not-for-profit, nonpartisan, civic and educational organisation. It promotes ways to enhance good citizenship and its practice. It is solely supported by voluntary contributions.CAMC strives to provide public service pro bono publico in the public interest. All staff members are non-paid volunteers.


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