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"To Empower to Practise Good Citizenship"

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Jerry Boucher
Steve S. Choi
Mary Etezady
Don Kim
Il Hwan Kim
Sang Joo Kim
Director for Systems Management
Deputy Director for Voter Registration
Director for Outreach
Tae Shik Kwon
Jae Jin Ma
Willie Pai
Choon Ki Yoo
Ae Sook Yoon
Il Joong Yoon
Director for Community Relations
Deputy Secretary
Deputy Director for Outreach
Director for Ageing & Elder Care
Director for Voter Registration

October 27, 2000

Candidates Who Accepted Our Invitation To Hear Us and Represent Us
All Invited *Democrats Accepted Our Invitation to Hear Us and Represent Us:
* accepted us last year also *except Ron Klink
Lawrence Curry(democrat for PA House)
Karen Friedman(democrat for PA House)
Joseph Hoeffel(democrat for US House)
Netta Young Hughes(democrat for PA House)
Eileen McCaul(democrat for PA House)
Jules Mermelstein(democrat for PA House)
David O'Brien(democrat for PA House)
Larry Pfeiffer(democrat for PA House)
Connie Williams(democrat for PA House)
Lynn H Yeakel(democrat for PA Senate)
Ken Cavanaugh(libertarian for US House)
John Featherman(libertarian for US Senate)
John H Haley(libertarian for PA House)
Candidates Who Rejected Our Invitation
To Hear Us and Represent Us
All Invited *Republicans Rejected Our Invitation to Hear Us and Represent Us:
* rejected us last year also
Ellen M Bard(republican for PA House)
Mary Ann Dailey(republican for PA House)
John W Fichter(republican for PA House)
Robert W Godshell(republican for PA House)
Stewart J Greenleaf(republican for US House)
Kate Harper(republican for PA House)
Lynne Lechter(republican for PA House)
Eugene McGill(republican for PA House)
Richard A Tilghman(republican for PA Senate)
Michael Whisted(republican for PA House)


Register to Vote! Vote to Voice! Voice and Empower!

Public Education Builds a Stronger Community.

The Korean-American Community (KAC) is an Integral Part of America.

CAMC is a not-for-profit, nonpartisan, civic and educational organisation. It promotes ways to enhance good citizenship and its practice. It is solely supported by voluntary contributions.CAMC strives to provide public service pro bono publico in the public interest. All staff members are non-paid volunteers.


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