Subject:   Governor's Advisory Commission on Asian American Affairs      Number:   2003-8

Date:   June 22, 2003        By Direction of:   Edward G. Rendell, Governor

WHEREAS,the number of Asian Americans and Asian American businesses in the Common-
wealth of Pennsylvania continues to grow rapidly, and the Asian American
community remains a vital part of the cultural, social, and economic environment
of the Commonwealth; and
WHEREAS, Asian American business, technological and educational communities have expressed
great interest in doing business and pursuing educational studies in the Common-
wealth of Pennsylvania and wish to be instrumental in the revitalization of the
economy of the Commonwealth, including the creation of jobs and increased
revenues; and
WHEREAS, a bridge is needed to accommodate the connection between the vast array of human
and informational resources offered by world leaders in information technology,
biotechnology, and other industries in Asia arid the Asian American business
community in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; and
WHEREAS, a forum is required within which the unique needs and issues of concern that are
prevalent in the Asian American community and of value and great importance to
all of the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania can be articulated and

        NOW, THEREFORE, I, Edward G. Rendell, Governor of the Commonwealth of Penn-
sylvania, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution of the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania and other laws, do hereby establish, in the Office of the Governor, the Governor's
Advisory Commission on Asian American Affairs (hereinafter referred to as "Commission")
as the Commonwealth's advocate agency for its Asian American citizens as hereinafter set forth.

        1. Functions. The functions of the Commission shall be to:
           a. Advise and make recommendations to the Governor on policies, procedures, legisla-
tion, and regulations that affect the Asian, American community and that will enable the
Commonwealth to be responsive to the needs of the Asian American community.

           b. Develop, review, and recommend to the Governor policies in the areas of health
and human services, housing, education, employment, business formation and development, public
accommodations, and in contracting practices and procedures.

           c. Serve as the Governor's liaison to the Asian American community on policies, pro-
cedures legislation, and regulations that affect the Asian American community to ensure that
State government is accessible, accountable, and responsive to the Asian American community.

           d. Serve as a liaison to federal, state, and local agencies to ensure that programs
affecting Asian Americans are effectively utilized and that benefits accrue equitably to members
of the Asian American community.

           e. Work with the Governor's Office and the Asian American community to promote
legislation that ensures the equitable treatment of all citizens of the Commonwealth.

           f.Serve as a resource to all departments, commissions, and agencies to ensure that
they are cognizant of the needs of the Asian American community and that this community
benefits in an equitable fashion from their respective services and programs.

           g. Serve as a resource for community groups on Asian American issues, programs
sources of funding, and compliance requirements within state government for the benefit and
advancement of Asian Americans.

           h. Assist local Asian American community groups in developing strategies and programs
that will expand and enhance the social, cultural, and economic status of the Asian American

           i. Work with the Administration to monitor the hiring, retention, and promotion
practices of the Commonwealth as they relate to the employment of Asian Americans to ensure
that there are no discriminatory employment practices within the Commonwealth.

           j. Promote the cultural arts in their various forms within the Asian American
community through coordinated efforts and advocacy.

        2. Composition of the Commission.

           a. The Commission shall consist of 15 members to be appointed by the Governor who
are representatives of the Commonwealth's Asian American community and others who may make
the work of the Commission more meaningful, efficient, and productive. The Governor may
occasionally also appoint special members of the Commission to assist in unique cultural
exchanges, economic development programs, or gubernatorial initiatives.

           b. The Governor shall designate one Commission member to serve as chairperson and
one to serve as vice-chairperson of the Commission. The chairperson and vice-chairperson will
serve at the pleasure of the Governor.

           c. The Governor shall appoint an Executive Director and a Deputy Executive Director
of the Commission, who will serve at his pleasure.

        3. Terms of Membership.

           a. Members shall be appointed for a term of two years. All members shall serve at
the pleasure of the Governor.

           b. Should a vacancy occur on the Commission due to resignation, disability, or death
of a member, a successor may be appointed by the Governor to serve the duration of the unexpired
term. A successor so appointed may thereafter be reappointed.

        4. Compensation. Members of the Commission shall receive no compensation for their
service except that such members may be reimbursed for actual travel and related expenses in
accordance with Commonwealth policy.

        5. Relationship With Other Agencies. To implement the purpose of this order, the
Commission may request and receive from any department, division, board, bureau, commission, or
any other agency of the state or any political subdivision thereof or public authority, such
cooperation, assistance, information, and data needed by the Commission to properly carry out
its powers and duties hereunder.

        6. Reports. The Commission shall submit reports, as it deems necessary, on issues
affecting Asian Americans in the Commonwealth.

        7. Procedures.

           a. The Commission is authorized to establish subcommittees and rules and procedures
for the effective implementation of its functions consistent with this order.

           b. The Commission may hold public hearings in order to evaluate the effectiveness of
Commonwealth services and programs to the Asian American community.

        8. Effective Date. This order shall take effect immediately and shall continue in effect
unless revised or modified by the Governor.