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Jerry Boucher Director for Systems Management Tae Shik Kwon Deputy Director for Community Relations
Im Ja P. Choi Director for Community Relations Jae Jin Ma Treasurer
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Il Hwan Kim Director for Outreach Ae Sook Yoon Director for Ageing & Elder Care
Sang Joo Kim Chairman
October 12, 1999

[Editor's note: The following is the text, as submitted by author, of the Q & A of Anthony DiGuglielmo, a Democratic candidate for Sheriff, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, responding to the CAMC's questions. sjk]

CAMC:Why are you running for the public office?
DiGuglielmo:This county needs new leadership, leaders that will serve all the people not just a political party, I am running for office because I want to give citizens of this County an opportunity to elect a loyal and dedicated public servant.
CAMC:What will you bring about, if elected, to the office?
DiGuglielmo:I will strive to strengthen the relationship between all the local police dept. and the sheriffs dept. and fortify and enhance the programs that protect children, families and businesses in all our communities.
CAMC:Why should this community support you?
DiGuglielmo:I am more experienced than the two candidates, as an immigrant myself I am especially sensitive to the particular needs of all ethics communities and I will be accessible and responsive to all.
CAMC:Why should this community not support your opponent?
DiGuglielmo:My opponent has not demonstrated the commitment or the determination to improve the dept. but rather to perform according to the dictates of his political party and the states quo. This thinking is vulnerable by lending itself to possibility of selective administration and enforcement.
CAMC:What commitment do you offer to this community for its support?
DiGuglielmo:An open door policy that encourages relations that will promote trust and security between the Sheriff's Dept. and all people regardless of their ethic origin.


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