Todd Stephens Responses

Republican for PA House 151st Legislative District

  1. Why are you running for the public office?

I'm running because I'm frustrated with Harrisburg as the politicians fail the people they are supposed to serve over and over again  especially with Willow Grove.  They get nothing done and wastefully spend too much of our money.

  1. What will you bring about, if elected, to the office?

I will fight to ensure that residents have a voice in the future of the Willow Grove Naval Air Station. 

I believe in strong fiscal discipline and will fight to reduce state spending and make sure our tax dollars are used as efficiently and effectively as possible.

As the son of two public school teachers, I know our schools can do more for kids if they get the right kind of support – not just more money. That’s why I will work to make sure our tax dollars are spent in the classroom and to give local residents – instead of Harrisburg politicians – more control over local education decisions.

  1. Why should this community support you over your opponent?

As an Assistant DA I've successfully stood up to criminals on behalf of victims of crimes.  I'll bring the same strength, dedication and courage to the State House to stand up and do what's right.  For almost eight years, I've been a successful advocate in the Courthouse achieving a 98% conviction rate and now I'll take those same advocacy skills to the State House to get real results.

  1. Why should this community not support your opponent?

My opponent has not demonstrated the ability to produce results on major local issues such as the residency of sexually violent predators and the Willow Grove Naval Air Station.

  1. What commitments do you offer to this community for its support?

I will maintain an open door policy with all constituents.

  1. What are your strategic and implementation plans of your office, if elected, in order to realise your commitments?

I will bring the same tenacity and attention to detail I do as a prosecutor to the State Legislature.


  1. What qualifies you to fit for the office over your opponent?

I am an attorney and prosecutor with experience writing laws and ordinances to help local communities.  My opponent has been unsuccessful at passing effective legislation.




















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