CAMC 's Questions to each accepted candidate:

Response from Matt Maguire: Republican for PA House 148th Legislative District

A. Why are you running for the public office?

I am running for office because I feel many, but not all, representatives no longer represent the citizens of their communities. To me it seems the feelings and concerns of the people are being ignored. We no longer have true representation in Harrisburg and I plan to bring it back. I believe we can and must do a better job to secure our children's future.

B. What will you bring about, if elected, to the office?

I plan to bring honesty, integrity and accountability back to our state government. This seems to have been missing in recent years. People, I think are intelligent enough to look at many issues we are facing and given the correct information tell their representatives what they would like their representative to to on said issues. Our elected officials must be willing to make the difficult decisions based on what is best for the majority of their constituents, and it if is unpopular with the minority be able to explain why they made the decision they did.

C. Why should this community support you over your opponent?

This position will be my only focus. I will resign my position with Lower Merion Township and put all of my effort and attention on serving the people in my community. I will not be distracted by having a law practice as well as being State Representative.

D. Why should this community not support your opponent?

I believe my opponent has aspirations to run for higher office, this leaves us to question his dedication to the job of State Representative.

E. What commitments do you offer to this community for its support?

My continued commitment to public service, I have been involved in community service for 31 years. I will fight hard to cut government waste and spending. I want to bring fiscal responsibility to Harrisburg. I also would like to find realistic solutions to our tax problems, especially school tax reform for senior citizens. These goals can not be accomplished by one person, but i will work hard to remind all of the other elected officials of their duty to do what is right for the people we work for.

F. What are your strategic and implementation plans of your office, if elected, in order to realize your commitments?

My plan when elected will be to hire a staff & place them centrally in my district, so my constituents have easy access to me at all times. My staff will be able to handle the normal day to day operations of the State Representatives office. I would like to also take full advantage of today's technology to automate my office to get issues in front of my district and their feedback back to me quickly. In doing this, together we can make educated decisions on how to proceed/vote on various issues.

G. What qualifies you to fit for the office over your opponent?

I do not think there is any one quality which makes one fit for office. I believe voters/citizens must decide for themselves who is qualified to represent them the best. I can tell you this will be my full time job - 100% of my attention will be serving my district and their best interests. All I can ask is for your support and tell you I will be committed to doing the right thing for the people I represent and I will work tirelessly on the issues which effect us all. Thank you.