Letters to Tom Corbett: The Philadelphia Mil Al Church and North Wales Police Incident #C-69206-06


Philadelphia Mil Al Church


Thu, 20 Sep 2007 15:49:39 -0400


"Schulman, Richard L." <rschulman@attorneygeneral.gov>




"Pacella, Mark A." <mpacella@attorneygeneral.gov>, "Hartman, Sharon R." <shartman@attorneygeneral.gov>, "Borucki, MaryAnn" <mborucki@attorneygeneral.gov>


Dear Chairman Kim:

    This will acknowledge your e-mail inquiry on behalf of Reverend Yi and his letter to our office dated July 23, 2007.  After some internal research, I learned that our criminal division did respond to Reverend Yi but our letter was returned as "undeliverable" 

    Please see the attached response from our criminal division which is self explanatory.  If you have any additional questions regarding this message, please call me at the number below.  Thank you for your interest in the PA Office of Attorney General.

Richard L. Schulman
Senior Financial Investigator
PA Office of Attorney General
CT&O - Public Protection Division
14th Floor, Strawberry Square
Harrisburg, PA 17120
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