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Robert Jumsik Chae Murdered

                                             Dear Friend: 

                                             According to the law enforcement authorities of the Montgomery County of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the news
                                             media, Robert Jumsik Chae, 58,  was fatally stabbed to death in an apparent home invasion and robbery attempt early this
                                             morning at about 5 AM in his own home in North Wales, PA , and the body was found by Police duck tape bound in his garage.

                                             We are shocked and profoundly saddened.  

                                             This murder case came in the 7th anniversary month of the late John Youngki Hong's murder case(John Young Ki Hong Murdered
                                             of the New Year's Eve of 2002 who also was stabbed to death in his own grocery store in Norritown, PA.
 The Hong's case is still

                                             Thank you.

                                                                                                                                        In Mourning,

                                                                                                                                        Sang Joo Kim

("A Korean American community action group", The Philadelphia Inquirer, October 20, 1999)


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